What does “Vintage” means?

We often use the word Vintage to indicate old clothes, furniture and accessories with a retro inspiration and unique style.

But what Vintage really means?

The word Vintage comes from the old french word ”Vendage” and consequently from the Latin word “Vindemia” and it was first used in the 15th Century to indicate the wine harvest. Sometimes the meaning of the word has been misunderstood with another french word, vingt, twenty, correlating vintage with something that should have at least twenty years old. Talking about vintage wine recalls the idea of excellence, particular crops and good bottles. Nowadays this word is used not only in relation to wine, but also to describe other items from the past, like clothing, or furniture. Outside the wine definition, Vintage could be considered the attribute that describes objects extremely valuables and unique that come from the past. 

How old should be a vintage object?
It depends, generally it should have at least 20 years old but no more than 100, as then it be classified as antique.

What charateristics should have a vintage object?

A vintage item is hardly reproducibile because it is usually made with materials that no longer exist with cut and styles different from the current ones. 

High-standard of quality:

Vintage items were created with more attention to details and prove their higher quality enduring over the years. The quality, including materials, embellishments and craftsmanship, in older pieces make your purchases worthy. 

Timeless style:

The elegance, quality and glamour of vintage items never go out of style. A vintage item is always cool. 

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