How to have a more sustainable wardrobe

Buying vintage garments is not the only way to make your closet more sustainable (even if it’s for sure our fav one). There are several ways to dress greener: discover here the tips on how to have a more sustainable wardrobe without very much effort.

Open your closet and separate all your wardrobe into clothing you like and you regularly use from clothing you fallen out of love or you don’t fit anymore. Jealously safeguard clothes you still love in your closet and then take your time to decide if you want to keep anything of what you don’t need anymore. Before giving them away have a think about what’s best to do with them and give them a new home.


The first rule of a sustainable wardrobe is to take care of what you already have and to keep your clothes to look great because as Fashion Revolution states the best pair of shoes is the pair you are now walking in.


Sometimes our clothes need to be updated and rather than wasting money with new garments you should look no further for new ways to up-cycle them and to create fresh new looks: you can turn a dress into a shirt, make beanies with old sweaters, turn your long jeans in a summer version of them, just using what you already have. Being creative with your clothes will not just make you save money but also you’ll get your personal style that nobody else will ever match.

Buying clothing with awareness is essential for the creation of a sustainable wardrobe: quality means durable clothes made with sustainable and natural materials and with quality craftsmanship. 

and the last but not the least, of course, BUY VINTAGE ON RETELLO.

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